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Take advantage of decades of experience:

  • For metal recovery and sampling of precious metal-containing slags, dross, metal ash, furnace waste, electronic scrap, car catalytic converters.

  • In the metal recovery of non-ferrous metals from slag, dross, metal ash

Our sieve ball mills are designed as continuous flow mills. This eliminates the need for laborious manual and dusty loading and unloading of the mill. The ground material remains in the mill through a special carry-back until the target fineness defined by the outer fine sieves is reached. This ensures a high throughput and optimal grinding quality. At the same time, the entire process is almost dust-free.

Foreign substances that cannot be ground remain in the grinding media during the process and are collected and collected at the end when the mill runs backwards.

The machines are solid and built to last. The central lubrication of the bearings also ensures that the mills require extremely little maintenance.

Below you can see some of our machines. However, this does not represent the entire program.

Contact us. We also have the right solution for your application!

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