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Take advantage of decades of experience:

– When recovering metal and sampling slag containing precious metals, dross, metal ash, furnace waste, electronic scrap, car catalytic converters.

– In the metal recovery of non-ferrous metals from slag, dross, metal ash

Ceramic catalysts

We supply you with complete systems from disassembly to sampling and individually tailored to your needs.
The heart of these systems is our Steinlein separator (ball mill) in which the ceramic is crushed to the desired grain size and the residues such as flanges, screws, etc. are separated. In front of our ball mill we can provide you with cutting stations with alligator shears that work directly into a silo that automatically fills the mill.

After grinding, sampling begins. Either the ground material is passed directly through one or two rotary tube dividers and you:

  • You will then receive your sample, or we will route the entire material via a Z conveyor or

  • a screw conveyor into a mixer and sample after the mixing process.

All of our systems are controlled via a PLC and work fully automatically.

Dross processing (precious metal recycling)

A large customer base of well-known precious metal refineries use our ball mills to recycle precious metals. After ashing, the precious metal-containing residues are ground homogeneously to the desired grain size and the components that cannot be ground are separated.

We deliver our products to you individually tailored to your quantities and your premises.

Metal recovery

Our separator is designed for the direct recovery of non-ferrous metal from slag and dross. The oxides are ground down and the recovered metal in the alloy you know can then be immediately melted down again.

As in all other areas, if you wish, we can supply you with an automatic system .

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